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Here is the frequently asked questions about Filthy Lies.

Q: Why did you pick the title "Filthy Lies" for your comic?

A: Because your mom suggested it after a night of sweaty passion. Actually, it's because the phrase "That's a lie! A filthy lie! was used in the first comic which I made while I was still working on what to call the series and I liked the sound of it. Also, it works nicely with the fact that I never bother to research any of the claims I put in this comic.

Q: OMG, do you KNOW me? Because I swear Joel/Damian/Beefsteak is JUST LIKE ME! Are you using my life for your comic?

A: No and no.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: From the supermarket. Or from the news. Or out of my brain.

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